Nacogdoches Tales


Selected writings of
James Sinclair Allen
newspaper columnist for the Nacogdoches Weekly Sentinel
in Nacogdoches, Texas
about 1900-1930



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James Sinclair Allen
"The Poet Laureate of Possum Haw Branch"


When I am gone
And other men are trying where I tried
To stem the billows of life's rushing tide,
If those who knew me best may pause to toss
From memory but a rose upon the moss
And say, "He strove with earnestness of heart
To do whatever was his given part."
Then I will not have lived entirely vain,
And, dying, will have left a sweet refrain-
When I am gone.


When I am gone
If some true man, or buoyant-hearted soul
May stop beside my grave to read the scroll,
And, reading, think of how I cheered the weak,
And helped the sick and weary climb the bleak
and jagged stones to rest and hope anew,
Or shielded ought from stormy winds that blew,
Then will my living have been right indeed;
Replete with greatness in a world of need-
When I am gone.
                      Author Unknown

Allen Cousins at a Reunion Before 1998

Left to right: George & Sadie Ruth Phillips ( Rachel's Daughter), Troyce Tullier (Oree's daughter) , Modine & Robby Allen (Uncle Bennet Allen's great-grandson), Pauline Steed (Bob's daughter), Anne Murphy (Bob's daughter), Annie Hoya (Pink's daughter), Bucky Tullier (Troyce's husband)



If not for the tireless effort over the years spent researching her family tree and finding and keeping the newspaper clippings of her grandfather's columns, we would have no record of our past.  We can never repay her for keeping our family history alive and passing it down to us.


This website is a labor of love dedicated to:
Troyce Allen Tullier
granddaughter of
James Sinclair Allen


Built as a collaborated effort by:
her cousin, Ann Allen Geoghegan
her daughter, Cheryl Tullier Young
We Love you, Troyce!


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Possum Haw Tree in winter foliage!


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