God Calls Abraham

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God Calls Abraham

Abraham and Sara had no child;
To bless their home and make them smile,
"Twas in Harand they did reside;
Until Abraham's father died.

Abraham, then, God did command,
To go up into Canaan land,
And he would grant him his request,
Through his seed the nations would be blessed.

Abraham, Sara and his nephew,
And his servants just a few,
Went to Canaan to live a while
Ten years passed - still no child.

Sara began to doubt God's word,
Then set about to help the Lord;
She and Hagar her handmaid
Decided they would make a trade.

Their trade of course, worked like a charm,
Sara thought she had done no harm.
Then, Hagar, her mistress soon despised,
Which brought tears to Sara's eyes.

That awful trade worried Sara so
She made Miss Hagar pull her dough;
For it was just a little while
Until on Uncle Abe she smiled.

Then went Miss Hagar down to dwell
Down by a fountain or a well;
An angel other did command,
Go submit to Sara's hand.

Then everything became all right,
Hagar brought forth a little Ishmaelite,
You know Aunt Sara loved that babe,
But thought she had lost Uncle Abe.

You know there are women in our day,
That do not like Aunt Sara's way.
They simply get mity fraid
If their John smiles upon a maid.

Then it was a good long time,
And Abraham was ninety-nine,
And Sara too, was ninety years
When God gave them the promised heir.

Jehovah, then - the Great I am,
Changed Abram to Abraham,
And Sara, too he done the same,
And said Sarah, then should be her name.

So Isaac was their lawful child,
And so on him the fond parents smiled;
Then they sent Hagar and her kid away,
Through them two great nations exist today.

When Isaac was about nineteen,
God tried Abraham's faith again;
He told him to sacrifice Isaac to the Lord,
And Isaac started to obey his word.

He prepared the altar and the wood,
And set out to obey God if he could;
And in the act of that command,
The God of heaven stayed his hand.

                         Jim Allen

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