A Poem

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A Poem

The weather is wet and its making us fret
Because of the downpour of rain.
But the Lord knoweth best that we're needing the rest
And therefore we should not complain.

Our peanuts are sprouting, our women are pouting
Because their stove wood won't burn.
But its all for a blessing to teach us a lesson
That we shouldn't forget to learn.

The merchant in his store is walking the floor,
Looking for dollars and dimes.
The young men are sporting and the girls are courting
All trying to have a good time.

The lawyer with his head is winning his bread,
The woodpeck is doing the same.
The preacher is bold in saving lost souls,
For some cash he puts in his claim.

Of course its not right for the devil he must fight;
To pay him we shouldn't refuse.
But many a brother had much right and ruther
Spend a few dollars for booze.

The doctor on his wheel or his automobile
Is treating us for our ills.
But to tell you a fact and I'll not take it back,
He treats us for ten dollar bills.

The editor with his paper is cutting a caper
Because his delinquents are slow.
But once in a while he gets up a smile
And you bet he hits us a blow.

The teacher for dollars is teaching his scholars,
He teaches them not to use slang.
But the farmer with his muscle must get up and hustle
To feed and clothe the whole gang.

Reverend Sambo Johnson

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