A Lecture on Harvest Times
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A Lecture on Harvest Times


            The time of harvesting is near at hand and we have many different crops to harvest.  And while the old servants of the Lord are out in the vineyard harvesting precious souls for the Master, the old horney hand farmers must keep am eye out to harvesting the biggest crop of feed stuff that Nacogdoches county has ever produced.

            While the crop of souls perhaps is the most important crop to look after, yet it is absolutely necessary to look after the food crop also.  For the food crops are for the sustainence of our old mortal bodies which the Apostle Paul tells us is the temple for the indwelling of the holy spirit or soul.

            The protracted meetings are on allover the county and the good old preachers are telling us that good old story of Jesus and eating chicken pie and blackberry jam, corn bred and speckle peas and telling us old farmers to lay down everything else and do nothing but go to church. What!? Neglect this food crop and let it go to waste? Fiddlesticks, what are you talking about preacher? Do you want us to work eleven hours a day under the scorching rays of old Sol and get as hot as a hen laying in a pepper box to make a food crop and then neglect to gather it?  What do you mean preacher?  Say Sambo don’t you believe in going to church? Of course I do.  Our protracted meeting will be on hand before this letter gets in print and I’ll tell you how we people down here at Dorr Creek are going to run our meeting.  We will perhaps save fodder or hay every morning till about ten o’clock then put on our glad rags and go to church and if the preacher comes home with us for dinner, and after we have feasted on some good old Missouri corn bred, speckled peas, chicken pie, milk and butter from old Pide and the bobtailed heifer, we will just get back in our overalls and get an extra pair for the preacher and tell him to slip in them and go with us to the pea patch and he can pick peas till six o’clock for half of the pot licker for supper.  Then we will go back with him to church and help him in the meeting all we can.  Some preachers have got it down in their heads that when a man is called to preach he ought not to do anything else but preach.  But it seems to me like that they have misconstrued the teaching of the bible to some extent for the Apostle Paul was a tentmaker and he says that these hands of mine have ministered unto my necessities.  And I believe that his sermons in the New Testament are as good as any preacher’s that I have heard in my life.  In fact I believe he has some of them skinned a city block.  So brother farmer if you have some crops that needs harvesting during your meetings don’t be afraid to tell your preacher to get busy for he will certainly want you to help him in the meeting, even if you can’t do anything but get down on your knees like “old republican” and say “Lord have mercy on me a sinner.”    And its just as fair for a preacher to help you pick peas as it is for you to help him in the meeting.

            So let’s get ready for the harvest by and by.


                                    Rev. Sambo Johnson

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