A Poem On The Death and Resurrection of Our Saviour
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A Poem On The Death and Resurrection of Our Saviour
by: Jim Allen

It was on good Friday,
Nineteen hundred years ago,
When they crucified our Savior,
and his precious blood did flow.

He poured his soul out unto death,
That we might live again,
When he comes the second time,
Back to this earth to reign.

Then Joseph begged old Pilate,
For the body of our Lord.
And laid it in his own new tomb,
according to God's word.

They placed a great stone at the tomb,
and sealed it very tight
And Roman soldiers guarded it,
We are told, both day and night.

Then on Easter morning,
When everything was calm,
Two women went down to the tomb,
His body to embalm.

But when they reached the sacred spot,
The stone was rolled away
The soldiers had got scared and left,
before the break of day.

They found the tomb was empty,
two angels there instead.
They informed the women,
He had risen from the dead.

He first appeared to Mary Magdalene,
touch me not He said,
I've not ascended to my father,
Since I rose from the dead.

But go tell my disciples,
I have risen from the dead
And she went and told them
Just what her Lord had said.

He stayed on earth then four days,
Gave his disciples their command
Then ascended up to heaven
to His Fathers right hand.

Two angels told the disciples,
and told them very plain.
As you have seen Him go away,
in like manner he will come again.

When He comes the second time
He will come to raise the dead,
He will no longer be our savior,
but will be our judge instead.

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