De Stock Law
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De Stock Law

Vonce der vere some dairy men,

Berhaps from Ar-kan-saw,

Decided dat da muf haf

A county vide stock law.

Da tought it would be best for dem,

To make dat kind of change;

Und stop the ole hill-billies cows,

From running on de range.

Da talked dis matter over,

Wid de Chamber of Commerce

And ordered an election

For May de dirty first.

Und sent some good speakers,

To try to vin de battle;

Und make dose old hill-billies,

Fence pastures for der cattle.

Den dose old hill-billies,

Vot lives out in der sticks,

Began to cuss dat stock law,

Instead of politics.

Da preached som anti-sermons

To show just vere da stood,

And ve are inclined to sorter believe,

Da must have done some good.

Da marched into der battle,

But did not fire a gun;

But marched upon dose dairy men,

Nearly two to von.

Und de old hill-billies cows,

Still occupies de range,

To give dem milk and butter,

Und a little extra change.

Da vill raise some fat yearlings,

To make some stake and hash,

Or if ve vant to sell dem,

Da will fotch some ready cash.

Jim Allen
Possum Haw Branch
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